British Airways Hints At a New Carry-On Regulation
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British Airways Hints At a New Carry-On Regulation

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Airlines around the world have been updating and re-updating their carry-on procedures to keep up with full flights and around-the-clock flying schedules. British Airways is the most recent brand to hint at a potential new step in their boarding process. While many airlines place measuring bins around airports and leave passengers to decide whether or not a carry-on meets size restrictions, British Airways has mentioned hand inspecting the size of passengers' carry-on luggage and marking approved bags with a yellow ticket.

This tagging system is not yet in play—the new tactic was mentioned in an email from the brand to its Executive Club members and is being regarded as an upcoming change. That being said, there's no information on how this will effect the boarding process. All lack of information aside, seems like it's time to invest in a 15-pocket travel jacket.

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