Best Regional American Cookbooks
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Best Regional American Cookbooks

Here's a list of terrific cookbooks and essays on American
regional food. If you can't always eat at that fabulous roadhouse you found on the backroads somewhere, you can turn on some music, turn up the heat, and try to recreate it at home...

U.S.A. Cookbook
by Sheila Lukins (Workman Publishing, May 1997). One terrific mouthful of
Americana: Blue Wally pancakes, buttermilk fried chicken, Shaker cranberry brisket.

Smokestack Lightning
by Lolis Eric Elie (Farrar, Straus & Giroux). A slick volume on the
lusty subject of barbecue that puts forth a poetic exploration of the pit
master's art, with evocative photos, recipes, and a listing of America's
best BBQ joints.

Steak Lover's Cookbook
by William Rice (Workman Publishing, April 1997). What could be more American
than a perfectly done T-bone?Mouthwatering recipes and a rundown of steak

Serious Pig: An American Cook in Search of His Roots
by John Thorne with Matt Lewis Thorne (Farrar, Straus & Giroux). The
American food essay: baked, fried, and barbecued to perfection. Meditations
on everything from crawfish étouffée to Maine potatoes.

Roadfood by Jane and Michael Stern (HarperPerennial)This state-by-state
guide, published in 1992, remains a bible for anyone with a passion for
the vernacular. Look for the authors' new volume, Eat Your Way Across
the U.S.A.
, due in June from Broadway Books.

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