Best Desserts to Try Around the World
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Best Desserts to Try Around the World

Best Desserts to Try Around the World
Ian MacLellan
Best Desserts to Try Around the World
Ian MacLellan

Your unofficial fourth meal awaits.

Flour Bakery, Boston: Call ahead to reserve your sticky bun—these caramel-smothered, pecan-studded brioche rolls are among the best you’ll ever have. No wonder they sell out in mere hours.

Charly’s Bakery, Cape Town: Where to find Cape Town’s premier buttercream-frosted everythings? Behind a pastel-pink-and-white façade resembling a giant layer cake, of course. Our preferred pairing: the “wicked” chocolate cake, topped with a layer of dark ganache. 38 Canterbury St.

Gion Kinana, Kyoto, Japan: With a taste akin to peanut butter, kinako, or roasted soybean flour, is as quintessentially Japanese as matcha. It’s the signature ingredient at this tiny ice cream shop, inside a traditional wooden merchant’s house in the Gion geisha district. 570-119 Gion-machi Minami-gawa.

Xocolatl, Lima, Peru: Sumptuous cakes; spiced bonbons; bars crowned with fruit—everything in the pastry cases at this high-design chocolate boutique spotlights cacao from the Amazonian rain forest. 111 Calle Manuel Bonilla.

Al Jawda, Marrakesh: Stock up on dried dates and mountain honey while nibbling on a dizzying array of baked treats, some filled with figs and nuts and others infused with orange-flower water. 11 Rue de la Liberte; 212-52/543-3897.

Gelateria Millennium, Rome: Located just outside the Vatican, this husband-and-wife operation is known for its funky range of flavors (such as mascarpone pear and persimmon). 2/A Piazza Santa Maria delle Grazie.

Dallal, Tel Aviv: These aren’t your bubby’s pastries. Hidden on a charming Neve Tzedek side street, Dallal churns out refined takes on old-time Jewish comfort foods, from rugelach and muffins to poppy-seed tarts.

Appeared as “95 Places to Eat like a Local: Sweets” in T+L Magazine

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