T+L Reports: Japan/Germany Cross-Cultural Art
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T+L Reports: Japan/Germany Cross-Cultural Art

From Bauhaus-trained architects mesmerized by the simplicity of a tansu tea chest to Japanese
beatniks inspired by the anarchic ideals of Fluxus artists, "Tokyo–Berlin/Berlin–Tokyo," at the Mori Art Museum in Tokyo (www.mori.art.museum; Jan. 28–May 7), spotlights
the long embrace between Eastern and Western cultures. Presented in collaboration with Berlin's
Neue Nationalgalerie, the exhibition looks beyond the "fever for Japan" that gripped fin
de siècle
Europe to lesser-known cultural exchanges—Der Sturm gallery's
influence on Mavo, Tokyo's version of Dada—to explore the remarkable postwar
resurgence of avant-garde art in both cities.

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