Bring Back: Honey
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Bring Back: Honey

Honey embodies the essence of a place—each jar brims with delicious memories. We picked seven superlative nectars from Georgia to Java that make the sweetest of souvenirs.

GEORGIA Raw Tupelo Honey
A citrus infusion harvested each April along the Altamaha River. (912/234-0688;, $19.99)

AUSTRALIA Natural Blue Mountains Honey
Rich herbaceous flavor from the heart of New South Wales. (61-2/4721-2840; $7)

TUSCANY Sulla Apicoltura Dottor Pescia
Unfiltered wildflower honey with a crystalline texture and complex taste. (866/716-2433; ; $13.30)

NORTH CAROLINA Bee Raw Sourwood Honey
A Southern favorite for its telltale tartness and butterscotch finish. (212/941-1932;; $14)

YUCATÁN Hacienda Katanchel Organic Honey
Organic apiculture helps protect tropical Mexican jungles. The notes of cocoa and coffee are pure Mayan. (617/417-8662;; $6.99)

JAVA Big Tree Farms Mango Blossom Honey
A spicy, amber-colored elixir that evokes the exotic flavors of Indonesia. (62-361/461-978;; $10)

PROVENCE Lo Brusc Forêt des Maures
Artisanally produced in the tiny village of Viens; with hints of bitter caramel. (617/354-4750;; $15.95)

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