5 New European Beauty Products
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5 New European Beauty Products

John Lawton
These five new products are inspired by some of Europe’s oldest beauty secrets, from lotions and potions to bathing rituals.

Secret: The Everlasting Flower

As legend has it, Greek goddess-queen Hera (wife of Zeus, king of gods; mother of Hebe, goddess of youth) coveted immortelle, grown in the ancient port city of Corinth. She believed it contained the elixir of youth, and she was on to something: its oil has strong anti-aging properties. Immortelle is now the active ingredient in Diptyque Art of Body Care Velvet hand lotion (diptyqueparis.com; $42).

Secret: Ancient Salve

Hand-mixed by monks, Fresh Creme Ancienne eye cream (800/373-7420; fresh.com); $95) is based on the Western world’s first skin cream, originally developed in second-century Rome to heal gladiator wounds. Key ingredients: soothing meadowfoam-seed oil and emulsifying beeswax to fight inflammation. The new formula also includes sugar apple–seed extract, which helps stimulate collagen production and is said to reduce wrinkles.

Secret: Thermal Waters

Icelanders are among the healthiest people in the world—and, yes, it’s in the water. The country is covered with mineral-rich geothermal hot springs. Detox on the go with Skyn Iceland Glacial Cleansing Cloths (888/333-7596, skyniceland.com; Sephora, 877/737-4672, sephora.com; select Dillard’s stores, 800/345-5273, dillards.com; 877/551-7257, saks.com; $15), infused with healing glacial-river water, plus butterfly bush and thyme extracts.

Secret: Sweating It Out

Yael Alkalay’s holistic skin-care line takes its cue from the 1,400-year-old sauna tradition, sourcing all-natural ingredients from Finland. The Red Flower Essential Omega Fresh Berry-Oil serum (Red Flower, New York City; 212/966-5301; redflower.com; $48), rich in antioxidants and fatty acids, restores elasticity; massage it into your pulse points for an aromatic boost that’s the next best thing to an afternoon of shvitzing.

Secret: Bespoke Formulas

In the 1920’s, London-based homeopath Madame Lubatti started developing face products and treatments for London socialites such as Vivien Leigh

. Thanks to celebrity facialist Tracey Malone (whose mother trained with her in the 60’s), Lubatti’s secret recipes—including the Lubatti Gorgeous Day moisturizer (Space NK; 212/941-4222; spacenk.com; $38) with honey and almond oil—live on.

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