40 Trips To Change Your World | Nepal and Tibet

40 Trips To Change Your World | Nepal and Tibet

Visit two captivating Himalayan destinations—splitting time between volunteering and sightseeing—on this three-week tour. Projects include accompanying the child of your homestay to his or her school to participate in teaching English, social studies, and science; and working on a village farm. The rest of the trip is dedicated to exploring Bengal tiger-filled jungles, Buddhist monasteries, and bartering with locals in the lively markets.
Trip Tip: Make sure to pick up Mala beads or a handmade colorful wall hanging at the Tibetan markets.
Luxury Level: Travelers stay in pairs in a hostel in Kathmandu, followed by a week with a Nepali family, and in local jungle lodges.

Key Cultural Immersion, Voluntoursim: i-to-i; 800/985-4852; i-to-i.com; three-week trips from $2,195 per person.

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