2009’s Top International Albums
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2009’s Top International Albums

2009’s Top International Albums
Vito Rivelli
2009’s Top International Albums
Vito Rivelli

Great music, we know, comes in many languages, in every style, from all corners of the globe. T+L scoured the world to find five of 2009’s top international releases. Before your next trip, just press play.

  • Argentina: Los Fabulosos Cadillacs, La Luz del Ritmo (Nacional). After a decade, the iconic rockeros are back with a dynamic collection of reggae, calypso, and pop tracks.
  • Sierra Leone: Bajah & the Dry Eye Crew, Young Rising (Modiba). The charismatic dance-hall star aces his American debut with a tuneful, hip-hop–inspired record.*
  • Spain: DePedro, DePedro (Nat Geo Music). This seductive album dwells in the sweet spot where smooth Spanish melodies converge with sultry Mexican rhythms.
  • India: Kailash Kher, Yatra-Nomadic Souls (Cumbancha). Merging Sufi chants, Bollywood exuberance, and Slumdog-style pop, Yatra defines the modern sound of India.
  • Brazil: Céu, Vagarosa (Six Degrees). Pour bossa nova into a blender with a scoop of samba. Blend on low, stirring jazz in slowly.
  • France: Ayo, Gravity At Last (Nublu). The Paris-based, German-born artist taps into her Nigerian and Roma roots to create an evocative, wide-ranging folk sophomore album.**
  • Mali: Amadou & Miriam, Welcome to Mali (Because Music). A 60-something blind Malian couple + West African music traditions + impeccable pop production = a stellar, accessible world music release.
  • Ireland: The Swell Season, Strict Joy (Anti Records). This poetry-inspired acoustic reverie should guarantee more well-deserved attention for the fresh-faced duo behind 2007’s Oscar-winning Once soundtrack.***
  • United States: Spencer Day, Vagabond (Concord Jazz). The catchy, pop-jazz stylings of this promising young pianist reflects everything from musical theater to Dusty Springfield. Watch out, Billy Joel.

*Release date of Bajah and the Dry Eye Crew’s first LP, Young Rising, has been pushed to 2010.
**Ayo’s Gravity At Last will be available in early 2010.
***Available October 27th on iTunes and Amazon.com

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